-Liner replacement shower or bathroom fitter Vs ceramic

If you live in an older home, you usually ceramic, porcelain tiles on the shower walls in the bathroom. While you might not like the current status or color, the truth is that these tiles have stood the test of time, often lasting 40-50 years or more. When we consider the typical life of many materials that & # 39; and it achieved a rather good results.

Over the past decade, bathroom remodeling company began offering services in alternative substances bathroom designs. Unfortunately, the cause of the displacement of traditional materials, often for the sake of saving money and increasing entrepreneurial profit, but not in order to enhance the quality and durability of the bathroom remodel. A shower-lining is one such product. This reduced bath development costs, but also had the effect of reducing the quality of many projects completed in a bathroom.

Quite simply, shower-liners or bath fitter as they are often called, is a molded fiberglass or plastic plate, which is equipped with more than homeowner & # 39; s existing tile and the tub. No underwater cable instead of a bath or shower. Often an older home is mold ceramic tile, grout between the tiles and below. The shower walls can be unstable in the dry, rotten. Unfortunately, if the liner is placed on the tile homeowners do not see the behind-existing conditions. While on the surface things are all right, no one can be sure what & # 39; s lurking beneath the surface. A lot of entrepreneurs have come up with ideas for a bathroom, the bath-liners among the worst.

a few dollars and purchasing an inferior product, Homeowners would do well instead of

As a backup, if you use the services of qualified contractor bathroom who are full completely replace hwy shower walls and install new ceramic tile. Whether yours is a small or a large bathroom with a custom-designed ceramic system increases the beauty and value of the new bathroom in your home. Instead of simply over a white or almond suit shower walls, we can design an attractive model sloping tile and glass mosaic borders interesting.

Very often, the cost of the services of a professional bathroom contractor does much more than taking the cheaper route and installation of the bath-liner. It & # 39; It s especially true when you consider that it & # 39; and chances are you will not eventually rip-out-lining the shower or bath fitter to replace the damaged water supply and ultimately to install new walls and ceramic anyway.

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