Understanding shower valves

understanding of what the Shower Valve whether

The shower valve is the part of the shower, which regulates the flow and mixture is hot, cold water in the shower and the rest. It does this by using a combination of diverters, flow control and temperature controls.

How to do it – diverters Flow Controls and temperature controls

Temperature Control

All valves are usually a single temperature control . The temperature control changes the ratio of hot and cold water that is mixed, which allows the temperature of the mixture must be controlled. If the water has been mixed in this part of the valve for various flow controls and / or diverters and control the various functions of the mixed water in the shower. (By function, we mean all of the shower units, such as overhead shower, slider rail, body jets, etc.).

Flow Control

The flow control is easily controlled by a valve in a handle, or arm of the valve. It takes water is mixed with the valve, and limits on fine-tuning its flow to completely turn off the full approval of the flow rate between the two extremes. Each flow control usually regulates the flow rate of gas and there is a single function shower. Control of the shower, two functions, such as an overhead shower and hand shower, one option is to have a shower, two flow control, regulate the flow rate to an outlet independently of each control, this means that you can either type of control is at the same time, this is in contrast to the guides (see below).


A diverter switch can be used to direct the water mixing valve has been, that one, two or more of the valve outlets. The bi-directional converter switches between two water a shop and a three-way switches from one to three stores. In addition to the off position as a baffle which reduces all the shower water supply outlets. Elterelőanyagokat not independent water supply to the shower outlets, only one can at a time. Also, do not allow elterelőanyagokat fine tune the flow rate, although there may be some out of control all basically full or full off. It is noted that many shower configurations, particularly in a subject valve (see below) may be another separate diverter valve in another part of the shower, (usually in the riser, which is the water in the wall), which connects water through valve shower outlets, such as an overhead shower and the hand one slide rail or wall mounting.

Sequential shower valve controls

Most rain least two control, temperature control, and one or more flow control and / or diverters but sequential shower valve by combining a single-lever control of temperature and flow control regulation, as a sequence control is switched off, the flow of the shower is full of cold as turned towards the handle in the fully will flow, full flow but the temperature is increased to the maximum. Con sequential valve, the temperature can be controlled smoothly, but not flow.

thermostat and hand shower valves

thermostatic shower valves include a built-in anti-scald safety mechanism that shuts off the flow of water when the temperature of the mixed water exceeds ( usually) a preset value. Manual valves do not provide this security feature. Some of thermostatic valves allows the water temperature to set up and maintain.

In general, be a shower with water from the same network system and the boiler, as all the rest of the water supply to the house, this means that the changes in water consumption in other parts of the housing can affect the flow of water from the shower, and in particular it can reduce the supply of cold water to the shower. This results in the mixed water supplied to the shower containing a higher proportion of hot water means that the water temperature rises. It & # 39; Precisely in these situations, the use of thermostatic valves protect the shower from injury.

visible and hidden shower valves

Generally showers classified as exposed or concealed. Shower hidden one in which most of the pipework associated with shower is installed inside the walls, and in particular the shower valves terminals within the shower wall. shower valve outlets and the outer wall of the supply pipe system features separate shower shower seen against The exposed.

combinations controls shower valves

Four most common combinations of controls and terminals shower valves, and you have to pick the right is the combination of the shower functions are in the shower. Here are the four most common types of valves and how to use them:

first two controls, and an output: In temperature control, the other is the flow rate of a showerhead delivers only. But especially exposed to rain traditional style is often hard to find the guide on the take-off of the shower that such a valve can be used with two shower heads such as a shower head and hand shower on the slide rail.

2. Two drivers and two outlets: one temperature control, the other is a diversion that switches between the two different shower outlets. However, the deflector does not give the fine control of the flow rate as the flow control. You can use these two markets, for example, a shower and top slider rail. But perhaps you prefer to use the following options instead.

3. Three controls and two outlets A control the temperature, and the other two independently of the two flow control controlling the flow speed of the two separate shower outlets. You can use these two markets, for example, a shower and top slider rail. This gives you finer control of the flow rate as a 2-valve and the guide will be showers at the same time you can not baffle version, because this one has become among them.

4. Three controllers and a three-outlet control the temperature, one of a flow rate control, and one with a flap. In general, it can use this lineup, where there is a second shower head and hand shower to go to the slide rail and a number of organizations nozzles (body jets are usually delivered every single outlet valve).
may then feeding the flow control to switch between the shower head and diverter body jets and hand. This means you could have all of them individually, or you could have a shower head on a hand-held shower or head shower nozzle on the body but not the body of the hand-held nozzle. But how it is mounted in the election, you just need to make it clear that the plumbing installation.

There are other combinations, including valves and sequential valves integrated units such as those comprising a hand shower or bathtub filling and the hose. If you want something unusual, it is always best to check the ingredients to get the right combinations to achieve what you want and it will be someone who & # 39; s got the time to talk to you, and who knows the subject.

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