By completing Bathroom Remodel? Learn how to measure Tile Layers

How to measure the tiles when filling bathroom remodel

Imagine you thinking of remodeling a bathroom and a budget has been established. You are in a tile store and see a tile pattern you like. The price is $ 5.00 a square foot tile. How do you know if it's $ 5.00 a square foot tile within your budget? In addition to the tiles, how much should the budget of the mortar and seal?

A recent article has information about the various pages that are available in a bathroom remodel. Now it's time to learn how to measure calculate the cost of the project is the tile tiles tiling and related supplies.

There are different types of tile you need to tile the bathroom

  • Field Tile
  • Cut tiles

Field tiles tiles supreme body of the remodeling project. For example, when tiling the shower, the field tile tiles on the walls of the shower. The area covers the largest area of ​​the tile tiling project. The joint field tile sizes of 12 inches to 12 inches. Field tiles sold in square footage, so you need to tile the space in the area and calculate the square footage.

Cut tiles fall into two categories:

  • décor tiles (must be set aa field tiles)
  • Border trim tiles (tiles finish off the area)

How to measure

Let & # 39; s going through, for example, to help you through the measurement process tile. We will install the tile tub and shower surround this example.

The tub and shower surround, you need to tile the three walls. The tiles will be installed to a height of six feet (6 & # 39;) above the tub deck.

The first wall is five feet wide. The two end walls every 3 feet wide. To determine the square footage of tile, you need to measure the width of each of the three walls and multiply by the height of the shower surround.

Let & # 39; and start measuring the first wall

  • 5 & # 39; wide (60 inches) 6 & # 39; feet high. 5 X 6 = 30 square feet.

You must be measured at both ends of the walls

  • 3 & # 39; foot-deep (36 ") x 6 & # 39;. high 3 X 6 = 18 square feet
  • 3 & # 39;. feet deep (36") x 6 & # 39; high. 3 X 6 = 18 square feet.

Then you need to add to the wall with all three measurements:

  • 66 square meters of tiles you need a shower surround.

I recommend to clients is about 20% waste factor when setting tiles. Keep in mind, the tile can be suspended, the tiles can be returned to a number of weeks or many other problems can occur if you run out of tiles when remodeling the bathroom. 20% Other 66 square meters of tile corresponds to an additional 13.2 square meters of tiles. I suggest rounding off an additional 14 square feet of tile waste factor.

  • 66 & 14 square feet to 80 square feet = square meters of tiles.

Next you need to measure the trim pieces to finish the edges of the tile. The trim pieces to finish off the edge of the tile running horizontally at both ends of the walls and the top of the wall tiles in all three running vertically. Hardened pieces are sold by the linear foot. Hardened pieces usually range from 8 inches to 12 inches long.

In one example, the wall 5 cm long, and the two end walls are each 3 cm in length. The tile set of 6 feet from the top deck of the tub; the tub 14 feet tall. Again, I will always be rounded up to the next highest measurement foot measuring up. In this case, it is 14 inches round up to the next highest foot measurement is 24 inches (2 feet). Add the two measurements together

  • 6 & # 39; + 2 & # 39; (14 "rounded up) = 8 & # 39;


Do not forget to finish off the edge of the tile at both ends walls, so you need to double the measurement

  • 8 & # 39; & 8 & # 39; = 16 & # 39;

in this example, you need 16 & # 39;. (linear feet) trim tiles to finish off the edges of the tiles on the two ends of the walls

is measured to the top of the tile in the shower surround It's easy, because it has been. we know that one wall is 5 cm long, and the two end walls each 3 feet long

  • 5 & # 39; + 3 & # 39; 3 & # 39; = 11 & # 39;

Finally, adding both measurements to determine linear feet trim inserts, you need a shower surround

  • 16 & # 39;. & 11 & # 39; & # 39 = 27; trim tiles

in addition to the tile, you need to budget for mortars and sealants. We budget $ 1.00 every square meter area being ordered to cover the cost of the tiles and grout sealing. This method is a quick and easy way to create a budget and stay within the tile the entire bathroom remodel on a budget.

It is time that the action you are going to install the tile area. These measurements make it possible to think of the cost of installing any tile in the bathroom.

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