Teak Shower Seat – how to avoid misleading descriptions and Get Genuine Teak?

If you have a superior product, authentic materials ensure that & # 39; and it will sell well, and so the first-class value because it provides the perfect result, which had been intended. Unfortunately for those who arrive in a highly successful invention imitators who attempt to lower the price just to go after a part of the action. Charles Caleb Colton said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." However, if the distortion in the form of imitation or fake, destroyed the credibility, trust and true wealth takes the ultimate consumer of the product. The use of ready-made phrase & # 39; Teak & # 39; shower seats, bath mats, bath seats, etc. are not an exception.

Now & # 39; want to explain what took place in the marketers' teak, "" wearing or behaves like teak, "" stronger than teak "otherwise" Teak like "but the fact that no Tek

Nyatoh wood

This is a Class III under the timber powder post beetle damage. Although oil is protected from the outset that need re-application of oil per year, especially in the joints and ends, which may be subject to rot. This is not the choice of teak wood teak shower bench reproduction no bath mat replica. Maintenance and rot likely to exclude this tree in the spa area.

Shorea wood:

The boards advertised across the & # 39; teak as & # 39; especially since the & # 39; and closely related species. It goes without saying that we would not spelled out a list of roughly 360 breeds recognized Shorea of ​​which 148 are listed as anywhere from dangerously susceptible to the danger of extinction. Like other families, each with its own specific factors useful and worse. A familiar wood supply in North America is presented as Philippine mahogany, mahogany which is not in the least, but a mixture of forest Shorea in the family. You & # 39; ve certainly seen flat door skins and covers. Shorea to a genus of wood covers a wide spectrum of wood, it would be difficult to spot than single species of wood fraudulently labeled & # 39; Teak & # 39; and used to make a shower / toilet seat, bathroom accessories and shower organizer. If you find a label Tectona grandis (Common Teak), you & # 39; ve the exact identification of the real teak're looking for.

eucalyptus trees

This tree is not the dimensional stability of the common teak and if not dried properly destined to split, chip and crack. This tree is steeped in a high-profile oil-based, that it is a & # 39; teak as & # 39; appearance. Needless to say, the need to preserve the appearance of regular washing and resealing. Please do not forget- the tree will usually be expected prolonged contact with the skin, so the premium base oil can become a part of since the pores open because of the hot shower / WC.

Are you trying when the find of teak shower bench teak shower / Reviews bath chairs, teak shower / Reviews bath carpet or organizer or accessories, make sure that the actual purchase on teak. There is no oil, nothing to maintain only the best, most durable, rot-resistant material for a lifetime of bathing pleasure.

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